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Photographs by Larry Moss and Sheena Beaverson
These images show the results of twisting 6-inch heart balloons. The parachute shown here is created from six 6-inch hearts. This year's IBAC twister jam at Ed Debevic's proved that the parachute is easily converted into a beanie. Inverted, it can be used as a bowl-shape for small figures or centerpieces.
Twisting 6-inch hearts: parachute Twisting  6-inch hearts: beanie

Get more information about twisting hearts at the BHQ Balloon fabric Tutorial and on the Attack of the 50 foot Demon CD ROM

Photographs by Sheena Beaverson
More than 1,150 professional balloon artists worldwide attended the 15th annual International Balloon Arts Convention (IBAC), March 10-14, in Rosemont, IL. 200 of the convention delegates helped construct the world's largest balloon mural. Made with 70,884 Qualatex latex balloons and standing 86 feet high x 58 feet wide, the mural depicted downtown Chicago on New Year's Eve and took a total of 1,300 man hours to construct and perfect.
IBAC 15 World Record Mural IBAC 15 World Record Mural

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