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Photograph supplied by Patty Sorell
Autumn Centerpiece, created by Patty Sorell Autumn Centerpiece, created by Patty Sorell
The Balloon HQ (llc) photo archives and the Guide to Balloons and Ballooning each house an amazing array of holiday ideas. Browsing through the Balloon HQ photo gallery will yield many fall and holiday ideas. These Autumn Centerpice designs are just a couple examples of what you can find when you explore Balloon HQ.

Photograph supplied by Peter Meurer
Obelix costume construction at the 1999 Euro Jam Obelix costume created by Stephan Schüttken at the 1999 Euro Jam
The first Euro Jam was held in Melle Germany in the fall of 1999. Here we see a work by artist is Stephan Schüttken, both in progress and complete. This Obelix costume is designed to cover a full-grown individual. The person inside can easily (though carefully) walk around. See more great photos from the Euro Jam at Peter Meurer's web page.

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