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What are all of the balloon mailing lists and what are they all about?


These unmoderated mailing lists have been established to bring balloon entertainers and decorators together for the discussion of balloon entertaining and decorating, or anything else related to toy and decorative balloons (as opposed to hot air balloons).
Anyone with an interest in balloon twisting, balloon entertaining, or the commercial balloon business is welcome to join. Topics range from new balloons, bouquets, and sculptures, to the materials, tools and detailed techniques used to create them. Exchange of new themes, ideas, balloon book reviews, suggestions and tips is encouraged. Other welcome subjects include products you'd like to see, certification issues, conventions, problems (both gripes and solutions!) encountered in the balloon business, etc. If you have a question about ballooning, don't hesitate to ask it here - you'll get plenty of answers! The lists consist of people at many levels, so there is likely to be someone that can answer your questions or benefit from your suggestions. Feel free to write a paragraph or two introducing yourself to the other list members when you subscribe.
The lists:
This list is made up of balloon twisters that make whatever they can out of long skinny balloons. Discussions are usually focussed on twisting latex balloons, but this is hardly a rule.
This is set up primarily for balloon decorators and retail balloon shops. These are people that use primarily round balloons for filling large rooms or use round and foil balloons for table and delivery arrangements.

The balloon and balloondeco lists exist in two forms:
1.The email reflector form: All email sent to the mailing list gets forwarded immediately to all those subscribed in this form.
 2.The digest form: All email sent to the mailing list gets concatenated together into one message which is then sent out _once_ a day to all those subscribed in this form. On high traffic days the concatenated digest may "fill up" to its maximum allowable size. When that happens, the digest is sent out early. So at the very least, there will be a digest each day as long as there is some mail.

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