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Balloon HQ Photo Contest Entries

Below are the entries (and results) for the most recent BHQ contest. Thanks to everyone that voted. Keep an eye out for a future contest, probably to begin in July or August. We're taking a break from contests until after some upcoming events in the balloon world.

Patriotic balloon contest

First place
Contestant 4
Timothy McConeghy
Second place
Contestant 6
Patrick Brown
Third place
Contestant 8
Steve Jones
Contestant 1
Patricia Alcala
Contestant 2
Kevin Scott
Contestant 3
Joyce Stephens
Contestant 5
Candice Grigsby
Contestant 7
Jose Munoz, Patricia Lara, and Karina Mester
Contestant 9
Teresa Ferguson
Contestant 10
Carolyn and Louis Rodino
Contestant 11
Scott Keith

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