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Prizes for the BalloonHQ Outdoor Display 2000 Balloon Photo Contest

If you win the latest BalloonHQ contest, Tuf-Tex and Uplifter will be your February Santas!
Tuf-Tex: the best for outdoor advertising displays!
Click here to learn
about Tuf-Tex® products

Outdoors, there are 4 seasons, all of them hard on balloons. Summer is too hot, spring is too wet, winter is too cold, and autumn is too windy for most balloons. Except for Tuf-Tex, the best balloon for outdoor displays. Tuf-Tex balloons are engineered to be tough, and still look good. They stand up in the hot, the cold, and everything in between. These balloons are intended to go places other balloons just can't survive. If you use Tuf-Tex, you know how good they are - if you don't use Tuf-Tex, here's a chance to win a box of balloons that will make your next outdoor job more successful!

Tuf-Tex balloons are engineered for challenging displays - like outdoors, or store front windows. Tuf-Tex balloons are available in the most popular 5", 9", 11", and 14" sizes. When you want tough and big, use the jumbo 17" and 36"balloons. The Tuf-Tex collection comes in colors and styles - Pastel, Metaltone, Crystal, and Pearlized - that make flowers jealous. You can get all over imprints, wrap imprints, or two sided imprints to give more kick to your message, and for the customer that wants to see their message in the display, Tuf-Tex does custom imprinting too.

Click here to learn
about Uplifters®.

Need an indoor gift delivery? Now with 16 styles, there's an Uplifter "Helium-Powered Greeting" for every occasion, including 4 perfect for Valentine's Day! Hidden inside each decorative Uplifter box is a 36" (90 cm) message banner. When the recipient breaks a cute "POP ME!" anchor balloon, attached helium balloons magically pull up the greeting. Just seconds to prepare, the popular new Uplifters are a giant greeting card, helium balloon weight and fun novelty gift all in one... so surprise your customers with one today! To see all the new styles and balloon ideas, check out

*As an added bonus, if your winning display is made from Tuf-Tex balloons,
the Tuf-Tex prize doubles in value!


5 bags each of red, white and blue 17" balloons Tuf-Tex® Jumbo balloons
1 bag of 36" red, white, and blue Tuf-Tex® Jumbo balloons
1 case of "Valentine's Assortment" Uplifters
(10 Uplifters, in styles 04, 09, 15 & 16)

Approximate value of package: $320.00

Tuf-tex balloons


3 bags each of red, white, blue 17" Tuf-Tex® Jumbo balloons
1 bag of 36" Tuf-Tex® Jumbo balloons
1 case of "New Assortment (B)"Uplifters
(10 Uplifters, in styles 07-14)

approximate value: $245

Tuf-tex balloons


2 bags each of red, white, blue 17" Tuf-Tex® Jumbo balloons
1 case of "Original Assortment" Uplifters
(10 Uplifters, in styles 01-06)

approximate value: $145

Tuf-tex balloons

Prizes to be awarded after the close of voting on February 28, 2001

Read the contest rules
Read about the theme of the contest
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