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Is your best work outside? If it is, the Outdoor Display contest will warm your heart!

Here's a way to bring Santa back in February - enter the Outdoor Display Contest, sponsored by Tuf-Tex® and Uplifter®.

Outdoors, there are 4 seasons, all of them hard on balloons. Summer is too hot, spring is too wet, winter is too cold, and autumn is too windy for most balloons. This challenge for balloon professionals is aesthetic, and also technical. You've got to take into account heat, cold, wind, clouds, rain, sleet, hail - all of them a balloon's worst enemies, and still make something that looks terrific.

If you've met this challenge, send us a photo of your best outdoor display work. This can be an advertising display, seasonal decoration, or anything at all - the theme is outdoor displays. Large or small, multiple sizes and colors, or single style - we want to see your best outdoor work. After entry time ends, all photos will be judged by your peers, and 3 winners will get their hands on terrific prizes from Tuf-Tex® and Uplifter®!

Bonus! If the winning entry is made out of Tuf-Tex® balloons, the Tuf-Tex® prize package doubles in value!

Show us what you did to make the outside look a little nicer! Visit the prize page to see what the winners will receive!

Entry Period: December 8, 2000 - January 31, 2001
Voting Period: Feb 1 - Feb 28, 2001

Winners announced and prizes awarded: March 1, 2001

Read the contest rules
Read about the prizes
Submit photo now