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From the BHQ photo collection

Cool balloon picture 76422
Enlarge photo
Title: Jiminy Cricket
Creator: Mr. Dave Twister

Description: Here's hoping your wish comes true!

Photo ID: 76422

Photographer: Mr. Dave

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This picture is in the following categories:
Multi non round Balloon

Member comments on this picture:

From: Tonya McNeill on 19-Dec-2009 10:05:08 AM
outstanding Dave! I just love your work!
Subject: You are a talented Guy!
From: Sheree Brown-Rosner aka The Great Wandini on 19-Dec-2009 09:48:13 AM
The creations you post are fun and include many techniques you have picked up from Twisters before you! You are a good student and creative teacher bursting out! You are lucky to live close and Jam with some of the BEST in your CA area! Keep up the Postings, Thanks for Sharing!

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