Round Balloon Decor, Classical

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The following photos consist of Classic Round Balloon decor sculptures. 'Classic' denotes fundamental decor pieces, like arches, columns, centerpieces, and other decor. Photos are presented by artist, which are shown alphabetically.

Patricia Alcala
Mural, Baby Quilt

Daryl Baldwin
Flower Basket
Arch, store front arch
Arch, park enterence arch

Wynn and Lindy Bell
Carriage Smaller version of the IBAC Cinderella Carriage. Used at weddings to highlight the cake.

Terrie "Gitsy" Basko
Table setting

Booth won best booth at a wedding show

Christy Cyrus
Arch, wedding cake display table

Paul DeGastyne
Arch, mall display
Arch, outdoor
US Flag

Trina and Graham Gowe
Carriage, parade float   Carriage

David Graves
Rainbow (during construction)
Rainbow   Rainbow   Rainbow My church needed rainbow for the sermon.

Chris Hayes
Table Decor   Table Decor
Flower Arrangement (fantasy flowers)
Arch, outdoor
Heart, frame wall

Bernie Jardine, Doug Roed and Brenda Roed
Rockets Mural, Laying out a large mural: Grand Opening of hockey arena
Rockets Mural, Finished design using a hockey team logo
Chevron Arch, Grand Opening of local bowling alley
Column with 4' Agate, Grand Opening of local bowling alley
Topiary Centerpiece, Double stuffed Topiary, used for wedding centerpiece
Hand-painted Centerpiece, balloons with hand-painted baby faces, done with water based latex
Fantasy Flowers Centerpiece, purple & lavender fantasy flowers and leaves
Arches and columns  
Arches and columns, arena
Arches and columns, dance floor
Stage Clock

Lee Juslin
Columns, appearance of giant lamp posts

Uwe Lenhardt
New Year Columns
New Year Column
New Year Column

Jimmy Leo

Jeanette Lively
Arches, mall setting

Ori Livney

June McGregor
Arch, string-of-pearls
Arch, counter display

Sandra Morelli
Ribbon My company does a lot of work with the Breast Cancer Awareness causes, we do at least one large donation a year to Breast Cancer. The frame was custom made by a carpenter.

Sandi and Shahar Masori
Wedding Decor

Jose' Muņoz
Canopy, Flag of Mexico
Mural, Flag of Mexico
Kathe Neudecker

Flowers, wall mounted

Barb Robinson
Arch heart-shaped frame

Royal and Patty Sorell
Wedding Balloon Release, gift box Before the wedding the present is delivered outside the church.
Wedding Balloon Release, gift box The box is opened to reveal the balloons inside.

Joyce Stephens
Arch, booth display, string-of-pearls
Columns and Arches, dance floor canopy
Flower Vase

IBAC 15 Photos provided by Joyce Stephens
Balloon drop, balloons in nets used for ceiling decor at banquet
IBAC desert
Welcome Sign