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Conwin Carbonics - makers of inflators, regulators and other professional balloon supplies


Contest for best Birthday Center Piece Balloon sculpture Winner is

Jeanette McNeill:



First Place Prize

Conwin Carbonics, manufacturer of the AIR FORCE 3!


Conwin's Air Force 3 is a continual air blower designed to maintain a fixed
temperature and not overheat on large jobs. The unique design of this
blower includes three air jets that allow it to be used by multiple crew
members. Use the Air Force 3 to inflate most round balloons.

Durable Construction
The heavy-duty outer casing of the Air Force 3 includes a convenient
carrying handle that is perfect for on-the-job decorating.

Protected Air In-take
In this new model, the air intake has moved from the top of the unit to
the side, where it's out of the way of the three jets.

Detachable Power Cord
The 25 foot detachable electrical cord is convenient for on-the-job
decorating, and facilitates easy transport to and from the the job site.