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NEW Twist and Shout Photos

Balloon Sculptures

bath_1307.jpg Bubble bath
bear_1273.jpg Bear jester
bride_0231.jpg Bride
buzz_1257.jpg Buzz
croc_1294.jpg Croc
dino_0227.jpg Lobby Dinosuar (front)
dino_0228.jpg Lobby Dinosuar (side)
dino_0229.jpg Lobby Dinosuar (rear)
dog_1295.jpg Dog (cartoon figure?)
doggie_1270.jpg Doggie on tightrope
dolphin_1259.jpg Dolphin
drag_1224.jpg Dragon (side)
drag_1223.jpg Dragon (back)
eggs_1301.jpg Eggs in carton
entries_1297.jpg Multiple entries (pumpkin, rollerblader, mini-dragon, goofy-on-a-bike)
entries_1300.jpg Multiple entries (elvis, cat, lion, pokemon, etc)
eye_1281.jpg Eyeball
fighter_1271.jpg Pilot and fighter plane
goofy_1288.jpg Goofy-on-a-bike (and sled-dog driver)
graduate_1302.jpg Gruaduate
guy_1272.jpg Human figure
hula_1305.jpg Figure with hula hhoop
jungle_0230.jpg Jungle plants
owl_1296.jpg Owl
poke_1306.jpg Pokemon figure
poodles_1304.jpg Kissing poodles
rabbit_1298.jpg Small bunny with carrots
rhorse_1278.jpg Rocking horse
roger_1290.jpg Roger Rabbit
skunk_1302.jpg Skunk
spider_1293.jpg Spider with fangs


i_1235.jpg All instructors
i_1233.jpg Audience
i_1232.jpg Larry Moss, MC
lmc_1239.jpg Larry Moss, weaving class
ps_1262.jpg Ralph Dewey (with tiger)
mh_1231.jpg Marvin Hardy


p_0006.jpg Patty Sorrell (blurry pic)
p_1221.jpg ???, Linda Bermann, Bruce Kalver
p_1222.jpg Terri Basko, ???
p_1227.jpg Ralph Dewey, Terrie Basko
p_1230.jpg Larry Moss, Terrie Basko, Shena Beaverson
p_1263.jpg Mark Balzer, ???
p_1264.jpg Mark Balzer, ???
p_1284.jpg Terri Basko

People and Balloons

lmc_1236.jpg Larry Moss, weaving class
lmc_1237.jpg Larry Moss, weaving class
ps_1225.jpg ??? and face
ps_1226.jpg Hotel employee and rainbow hat
ps_1229.jpg Ralph Dewey and bicycle
ps_1260.jpg Dinner table cellpadding=4 group shot
ps_1267.jpg Ralph Dewey and flower
ps_1274.jpg Patrick Brown and human figure
ps_1277.jpg ??? and roller blader
hat_0233.jpg Happy hat on Terrie Basko
croc_0232.jpg ??? and Croc construction

Stef and Ief

se_1243.jpg Stef and Ief, two-handed twisting
se_1246.jpg Stef and Ief, two-handed twisting
se_1251.jpg Stef and Ief, balloon inflation
se_1252.jpg Stef and Ief, head in balloon
se_1253.jpg Stef and Ief, torso in balloon
se_1254.jpg Stef and Ief, sitting in balloon
se_1255.jpg Stef and Ief, sitting in balloon (ta-da)
se_1256.jpg Stef and Ief, head out of balloon

Other Twist and Shout Photos

These are photos that were posted ealier, and are still un-edited.

Opening night- the view from the podium
Ralph Dewey - before class
Larry Moss - teaching class
Larry Moss and Terrie Basko at the BHQ booth
Pat Duffeck and Sheena Beaverson with T&S cookies
Up to no good before the banquet
Terrie Basko is having too much fun
Banquet table competition
Stephanie is one of us now
A man, his horse and...
...the love of a good woman.
Patrick Brown and his Carousel
Stef and Ief
Pat Duffeck and his bridge