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Subject: Attack of 50' Demon & Other Moss Works
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 20:06:34 -0700
From: Mike <mikekenyon(at)>

Good afternoon, all!

As I write this, my thumb is literally bleeding due to the amount of
balloon work I've done in the last 4 days. It's my red badge of
artistry, and if it wasn't for a guy named Larry Moss and the many
books & cds he's written, I wouldn't be nursing this honor. Instead,
I'd be trying to get work, not working. I would be messing around
with balloons rather than finding avenues to grow and push myself as
a balloon artist. Larry's materials are foundational materials -
required items on the twisters book shelf - and if you never buy any
other books besides Larry's, you'll have lots to keep you busy!

Fortunately, Larry puts a lot more into his books than he put into
his note about them. Let's start with the smallest - his lecture
notes The Pied Piper Squeaks. My hands down most loved sculpture is a
disgusting little creature called the House Fly. Put pipe cleaners on
this sculpture for 'hairy' legs, and you'll have an item everyone
wants. I had a child - about 10 years old - wait for 45 minutes for
me to make one of these. I had him wait until everyone else had their
balloon; mainly because I didn't want to make it. He waited, and he
got it, and boy, was he happy. That's in Pied Piper Squeaks.

Maybe you have a job at the Dancing Bear Toy Store next Sunday, and
you are supposed to gather a crowd. "Lady, I'm an artist, not a
publicist." Luckily, I have Pied Piper Squeaks, and I've got a
_killer_ way to get everyone downtown to come to the store; which
will make the store owner very happy. Add a bit of mental elbow
grease, and you'll find an ending to the Pied Piper technique that
ties it all together, and starts your show with a big impact that
gets people saying Wow! It also will get them realizing you're not
going to make a balloon for everyone - this is entertainment, not
balloon factory time.

Let me share my most precious routine drawn from Pied Piper Squeaks.
This is precious - as in that dollar bill you never spend. I've never
done this routine - it's that good! But I'll share it with you
because it is time. Start by buying Pied Piper Squeaks. Learn the
Rube Goldberg machine idea. Now, at Christmas, gather the kids
together with a big bag of pre-made Christmas type balloons. Work the
kids into your Rube Goldberg balloon machine, turn it on, and then
let the Christmas machine start churning out the pre-made Christmas
balloons. It'll be a stellar moment in your career.

Pied Piper Squeaks contains more - even though it is a slender
volume. When you are getting ready for your first balloon
lecture/teach-a-thon, use Pied Piper as a model for your lecture
notes. The people attending your lecture will be most gratified!

How about that CD Attack of the 50' Demon? Well, if you want to know
darn near everything about balloon weaving, get this CD.  If you want
to think big - I mean, BIG - get this CD. Remember, this was one of
the people who engineered and built the world's largest non-round
balloon sculpture, using the stuff on this CD. Want to see just how
far you can go? Larry will show you.

Is it useful? Absolutely, because, as is usual with a Larry Moss
work, you get way more than you expect. He's got an unsurpassed
gallery of heart balloon techniques as a bonus. It is, to my
knowledge, the most extensive gallery of what you can do with a heart
balloon besides use it as a heart. Spend a little time with this, and
you will soon realize that there isn't much innovation with hearts
going on - Larry already did most of it, and it's right in the
gallery! You'll be thinking of things you never imagined before!

As a second bonus, Larry provides the complete multi-column master
work on balloon busking. Is it helpful? I don't busk, and yet just
today I called on what I'd learned to unclog the money pipe and get
it flowing into my pocket. It's a lesson in crowd control, crowd
psychology, and getting what you want - money - from folks that don't
yet realize they ought to give it to you. All of this, and I haven't
touched on the documentary about making the automated GIANT Samurai
cutting off the head of the dragon, all made from woven balloons. And
you thought the 15 balloon hat was an attention getter!

You hear people going on and on about this balloonicature. Credit
Larry with the name, and the most exhaustive (not exhausting!) work
on the subject. The Balloonicature CD covers every possible eye,
every kind of head, every kind of detail - you could truly have an
entire career as a balloon artist only making balloonicatures, and
never use anything except what is on this CD. Every time I make a
Balloonicature, I'm using what I learned from this CD. It is well
done, it runs smoothly, and it offers text combined with voice over
videos. Remember that videographer who gave tips on making a good
video? Larry did this on the CD to make it simple and easy for us
novices to follow along. He lays out the steps in text, then
illustrates the text with the movies. Hands down, this is the best
made balloon CD out there.

I guess Larry was too busy to give the real low down on these books -
as you can see, there is a lot of material to cover. All of it is
excellent, top notch stuff which will move you forward in your
balloon quest. To me, the ultimate test is whether you absorb and use
what you learn - Pied Piper, Attack of the 50' Demon, and
Balloonicature are best in class in this regard. If you don't have
his works, there are big chunks of balloon artistry missing from your
creative life.

If you think I'm bluffing, drop me a line and I'll give you more
reasons to get these works. We are living in a time of giants - here
is a chance to learn from one of them. I suggest you get these works,
and grow.

Mike, still proud of that painful red badge won in the arena of artistry

P.S. What will we see next, Larry?

"And what he greatly thought, he nobly dared."

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