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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 13:47:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Larry Moss <>
To: Balloon Twister List <>,
Subject: Announce: Balloonicature CD-ROM

Since Tim posted his review last night, I've been getting a lot of email
asking me about it, so here's all the info.

Announcing ...

               Balloonicature: The many faces of balloon art
                              by Larry Moss
                      published by Parma Publishing

   CD-ROM for Windows 9x/NT and Mac OS
   Minimum of 2x speed CD-ROM drive is recommended.
   U.S. $25.00
   Released: November 2000

   Find out where to buy this and other Parma titles at:

   If you're interested in carrying Parma titles or you're looking to buy
   and you're having trouble purchasing it for yourself, contact Parma
   directly at:
          PO Box 509, Seneca Falls, NY 13148
          (315) 568-0909

   Become a portrait artist!

   The art of caricature is brought in a new direction with this
   multimedia work. Detailed descriptions, hundreds of photos and
   drawings, and 30 minutes of video are combined to teach the
   construction of detailed human faces out of non-round (pencil)

   Make celebrities, family, and friends out of latex. Making faces at
   (of) friends has never been so much fun!

   Make sure to check out the companion poster to this CD-ROM at:

   The poster presents many of the finished figures from the CD in a fun
   way to display in your home or office.

  Detailed contents of Balloonicature

   Face bases
     * Starting a face - a linear approach
     * Round balloon base
     * Heart base
     * Triangle base
     * Cluster base
     * Stillman base
     * GEO blossom face

   Facial features
     * noses
     * ears
     * teeth
     * hair
     * eyebrows
     * eyes
     * advanced eyes
     * glasses
     * jewelry
     * smiley balloons
     * hats

     * banana twist
     * heart body
     * large bodies

   Other body parts
     * legs and arms
     * feet
     * hands

   A photo gallery containing all of the figures from the rest of the
   disk is included to make reviewing, or previewing the CD easy. These
   figures may be copied or used as a stepping stone toward further
   advancement in balloonicature.

   The video gallery has all 23 of the video clips from throughout the CD
   in one convenient place for those that prefer a straight video format.

   A discussion of putting all of this together to make people on the
   street is also included.

  About the CD format

   Platform independence is becoming increasingly easier as technology
   improves. Everyone has a right to pick the platform they prefer to
   work with. With that in mind, this CD-ROM was created to work equally
   well on PC's and Macs with the software you are already familiar with.
   Rather than bundle a special package needed to read the contents of
   the CD, it will run with any standard web browser. This way you can
   run the software you already know how to use. There's no delay as you
   learn a new package. In addition, by not packaging an extra viewer,
   the cost of the CD could be kept down.

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