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From  Mon Nov 13 14:04:05 1995
	id AA29708; Mon, 13 Nov 95 14:00:40 EST
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 14:00:31 -0500 (EST)
From: Larry Moss <moss(at)>
To: "balloon H.Q."
Subject: RE:I'm (more than) kind of mad guys

John Holmes posted what I thought was a funny idea for Lorna to get even
in a non harmful, hands off way.  But, I have to say that I'd highly
recommend against it.  As John pointed out, actually spraying the
hecklers with something will irritate them and give them a reason to
fight back.  But making a joke of doing it and spraying seltzer at their
feet will probably encourage them to do more.  Most hecklers I've dealt
with (as a NYC street performer, I dealt with many) will happily take the
insult if they think they've teamed up with you to do comedy.  (I even
heard of one case from another busker where the heckler demanded a share
of the hat for the "work" that he did to make the show funny.)  They don't
see it as an insult at all.  They see it as a funny gag.  When you're
performing, you always want to be the one that gets the laugh.  (there's
a lot more that can be said about this, but I'll save you all for now.)
The fact is that someone that's obnoxious can be funny also.  If you play
your cards wrong, the audience may actually end up liking the heckler.

Lorna, I have the same question as Jim.  Did they actually cause trouble
when they came in again?  My first reaction was agreement with what you
did: write to the corporate office, and look for another restaurant.
But, you've got a steady job that it doesn't sound like you're likely to
lose any time soon.  You may find another restaurant that hires you for a
few months and then decides to find a new gimmick to replace you.  If all
is peaceful where you are, it's probably best to stay.  On the other
hand, one sign of trouble and I'd walk.  No matter what, I think you've
made your point by sending the letter.  If there's another problem, you
know that they've got the whole thing on record.


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