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Subject: Spousal support/reaction
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 13:53:46 EDT
From: SDavis4280(at)

When I first started balloon art in 1981 with those noisy ashland 260e's, you
know the ones that popped 30 percent of the time....
My wife went along with it and was somewhat supportive`...I was quite
compulsive about it, and always had balloons with me.
   Since I was just establishing myself as a local clown, i had a little bit
of a reason to buy balloons. But my wife still had some resentment toward
spending money on balloons instead of supplies for some of her crafts, such
as ceramic painting ( she was excellent at it). My argument was that if she
had a financial return on her crafts, then I would have no problem.
Its hard sometimes for people to accept that novelty items can be real
business overhead....and that it is possible to have a job and make money
doing something that is totally fun!!
 We went back and forth on this until we agreed that a little shoe box labeled
"balloon fund" was set up to keep every single tip or reimbursement recieved
for the making of balloon creations. She got to doodle on the box to make it
 Besides all the wonderful stories of favors and blessings bestowed on us for
simple balloon "moments", the balloon fund box had enough money to keep me
stocked, and help on a rainy day. I would say that on the average, every
single gross of balloons that I purchased had a return of an average of three
times its cost.
   We have divorced since then, but I have that box this day to remind me
that we need to work with those that are close to us to make our craft a
joyful thing.

Scott Davis

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