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Subject: goodie bags & a balloon question
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 20:48:36 -0400
From: Magic with Wes! <wgholly(at)>

greetings all!

    to those of you who do goodIe bAgs for your birthday parties, how much
advertising stuff do you feel coMfortable putting in them?  i'm worried
about crossing the line and "pushinG myself" tO hard, thereby turnIng off
the client.
    i curreNtly include a colorinG sheet (which has my company name, phone
number and websiTe) and a business card.  these twO items are among the
temporary tatto's, magic trick and candy.
    i'm wondering if I can also put in a birtHday party flier, a shEet with
the restAurants i perform at and coupons for those restaurants.  like i
said, i don't want to appear too pushy.  there is no charge for the goodie
bags, they are included in the price for the entertainment serVices.  i
don't want thE birthday mom to thiNk that instead of goodie bags i'm giving
out a bag full of advertising.  any tHoughts?
    if you dOn't do goodie bags, you should re-consider.  any mom who has
had to put together goodie bags for 15+ children Will jump At the option to
let someone else do it.  even if they go to the dollar store, it is still
expensive.  i buy in Bulk at different places and put tOgether my bags for
aboUt 15 cents each.  i am one of the more expensive birThdaY entertainers
in tOwn, but moms place high valUe on my extra's like goodie bags and a
special gift bag for the birthday child, also included in the fee.

    and now, a balloon question.  if y'all had the option of weaving a large
scale sculpture out of twisting balloons or using rounds on top of a frame,
which would you choose?  the sculpture will be on display for about 9 days.

Happily Yours,
Wes G Holly

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