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Subject: re:Coming to Nashville
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 11:43:58 -0400
From: Michael Clay <michael.clay(at)>

Maybe your friend should call Johnathan Fudge who used to work for them
and when John met his verbal agreement with BD Ben removed him from the
system (wasn't man enough to fire him so he played dirty)
as to avoid paying John like a 20k bonus
and was giving regional managers the right to use Johnathans picture (they
where taken for BD) to market themselves

I used to work with BD as well and used to even defend Ben to the community
but with Ben making comments like "Michael Clay is in the business because
of ME" and various other comments
he is a snake that can't be trusted...

so for the record...
1. I used to work for Balloon Distractions
2. I was twisting balloons and doing magic WAY before I had even heard of
3. was wanting restaurant to help make the transition to full time.
4. Ben helped get me some restaurants
5. His restaurants and TEAM caused me to have to lower my quality and the
price I was charging for private parties (SO I QUIT)
6. Without Ben I work less and make TONS MORE
7. Ben micro managed my team till they quit (which wasn't the deal)
8. If push comes to shove Ben can take all the money and RUN.. he doesn't
pay commission he pays bonuses
9. He has insurance for BD not the entertainers so if someone on your team
messes up and a kid gets hurt.. they get to pay for it unless they have
10. They get NOTHING BD gets the 35 pr 45 a night they charge for 3 to 4
hours of work and if you train people or book places or are the first one to
work a place you get a BONUS (BTW he doesn't have to EVER pay a BONUS,
EVER.. ) its Ben's money and if he ever decides to retire to Aruba he can
take the money and go and yall are out of luck.

and now once this hits the system I'm going to social bookmark it and feed
it to search agrogators so it hits Google..
cause while Ben deletes and controls flow in info on Facebook.. His recent
recruiting phase of telling people he made me.. well I'm done.. so if he has
deleted your comments from facebook or your questions Email em to me and we
will put it out there so he can't silence it

If you want to outbook his restaurants CALL ME I can teach you how to take
them and earn more money..
and you will owe me NOTHING


PS NICE I have something to test my new Internet Marketing System on BEN
Putting Atlanta in Character one balloon at a time

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