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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 01:44:56 EST
Subject: TJAM 2000

Hi Guys, from T

	The point of this e-mail is to get you to send me e-mail about what you
liked, what you didn't like and suggestions for improvement.

	What happened at TJAM 99 is still kind of a blur.  The one thing that is very
clear to me is that we need to do it again, at a different hotel, with more

	The only real problems I have heard of were with the hotel.  I knew it was
old but, well, I'm sorry for the conditions of some of the rooms and shabby
treatment by some of the staff.  The reason I chose this hotel was because my
budget was aimed at breaking even or costing a couple of grand.  My
assumptions were on the conservative side and that is the base of the hotel

	A better hotel will cost more both for the rooms and the registration but so
many people (232 people from 36 states and 8 countries) had large travel costs
that the extra expense will be a small percentage of their total cost.  It
will be worth it to me and I thing most of you would agree.

	So I'm guessing there could be 300 attendees next year.  Tell me if you think
I'm way off.  I'll start looking but I'll need some time.

	The other things that I think are important to improve are:

	1.  Display and photo opportunities and ease of voting of contest figures.  A
nicer place will help a lot.  I now have some idea as to the number and size
of contest figures.  And organized placement of figures will help voting a

	2.  Better communication / clearer organization of the private lessons.  I
was a too relaxed about assuming you would be able to get to the lecturers and
organize things yourself.  I'll try to figure a clearer system.

	So, I'm asking for your suggestions about any part of TJAM, no matter how big
or small.  Tell me the truth, you are welcome to be diplomatic but I
understand this is e-mail.  Whatever is on your mind, let me know.

	As far as how it went.  The rest of my life will be described by pre and post
TJAM 99.  My assumptions and attitude about you as a market has had some
serious adjustment.  The number of people who are passionate about twisting as
an art form kind of amazed me.  Not by what they said, by what they did.  The
contest entries blew me away.

	The skill of the crowd was much higher than any I've experienced.  I think
the Poodle/Bear requirement and the travel expense helped insure a committed

	In my opinion it is important to not over organize this thing.  The real
value is the gathering and the jams.  There needs to be free time.  I really
like the private lesson time at the end of the gathering.  It gives the cream
a chance to rise.  And hands-on stuff is much easier in a small group.

	I was a little concerned about the contest.  It was experimental for me but I
think it went incredibly well.  A minimum of rules and voting by participants
worked great as far as I could see.  I know the thing that met most to Patrick
Brown was that his judges were his peers.  I expect all the winners feel the
same way.

	By the way, if the winners could send in a promo picture of themselves, I'd
have more choice of what to run in the next newsletter.  I'm getting to work
on it now.  I have a lot to say but it takes me a long time to figure out how
to say it, then I've got to make it look interesting, it's my problem, I'm

	You guys were great.  As people, you are so independent and individual and,
well, I'm very happy to report there were no fist fights.  In fact, there were
no fights of any kind, as far as I know.  I should have expected a group of
people experienced in being out-front to have great people skills but I was

	I had a great time guys, thanks.

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