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Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 08:51:25 -0700
Subject: balloon magic-- so far
From: (Michael S. Bennett)

Thanks for the great response to my first real posting!  I'll be sure to
pass along everything I get so we can all benefit!  Here's a digest of
what I was asked or received:

What tricks do you know:

the wilting flower (more a manipulation than a magic trick)
the "needled balloon" (using invisible tape to keep the balloon from
the "Pencil penetration" (using a paper tube and two pencils:  inflate
the 260, and make a basic animal.  grab a piece of opaque paper and wrap
it around the body section of the animal.  As you wrap it around the
body, twist the body in the middle.  Noting where the center twist is,
carefully push a sharpened pencil through the paper so it passes through
the gap made by the center twist.  Pull out the pencil, and untwist the
center as you unwrap the body.  Ladies and germs... the amazing penciled

Ralph Dewey has some nice stuff in his books (Clown notebook, Gospel
routines, etc.) .  And I have a couple of commercially sold tricks like
the coin through the balloon, and the super needled balloon.  As for what
I received:

Smart Doggie from Len Lichtman <>
 You take a shopping bag and make a flap about 2 inches from the
bottom of the bag with the bottom of another shopping bag. You then make
balloon Poodle and put it under the flap in the bag. You can then show
the bag
empty. You then blow up another balloon (Preferably the same color as the
Poodle) and pretend to tie the end but don't, as you put the balloon into
shopping bag you slowly let the air out (use only one hand and pretend
you are tsting an animal in the bag (secretly lift the flap exposing the
Poodle (not to the audience yet) you then have a card selected and
and hopefully you can control it to the top of the deck, as you drop the
into the bag you hold onto the top (the selected card) and then you mix
cards up in the bag, as you do yoy put the selected card in between the
Poodles front legs , continue shaking the bag and reach in and bring out
Poodle with the selected card. I hope that this is understandable and
that I
didn't over explain it and that you can use it.

Balloons to Candy trick: from Teri Poppins <>
You show your audience the interior of a bag to reveal that it is indeed
empty & you put an inflated balloon into a bag, you crumple up the bag &
the balloon during your crumpling and out spills a bunch of candy.  This
very straight forward & it has been a complete & total success with
and adults!  If you do not have this already, let me know & I will type
up a
complete set of instructions. <Please do!>

Balloon Through the body Trick: from Uncle Curt <>
He didn't tell me how to do it, but I sure if we ask nicely... :0)

Mike Bennett <>

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