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Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 00:48:43 EDT
Subject: From T

Hi Guys,

If you've got a jam scheduled between September 99 and March 00 send me 
information about how you would like contacted by interested twisters.  I'll 
try to put it in this catalog mailing.

I've decided to make the last issue of True Inflations, the last issue of 
True Inflations.  It was #31.  Here's what I wrote about why.  It's kind of 
long for e-mail.

    I've just recently made this decision.  If you are a new subscriber, I 
apologize for the inconvenience.
    The reason I'm going to stop writing TRUE INFLATIONS is that I and the 
world are changing.  True Inflations started as the PUMP 1 PICAYUNE in 1986.  
It was 1 page and free.  We used it to stay in contact with friends, promote 
new products, tell people where we would be, offer instruction and share 
ideas.  Merianne was the editor and I was the major contributor.
    In 1989 we changed the name to TRUE INFLATIONS and started charging for 
subscriptions to cover the cost of printing and mailing.  We reduced the 
amount of product promotion to practically nil and emphasized sharing ideas.  
Merianne left the business in the early 90's and I've been doing it all since 
    During the 90's TRUE INFLATIONS was a clearing house of twisters' ideas.  
As the Internet has grown, communication has changed. has 
blossomed into an efficient clearing house for shared twisting information.
    Most of the new ideas to share are sent to the e-mail mailing list.  It 
is easy to dash off an email instead of writing me a letter and sending 
pictures.  Everyone gets your idea right then instead of waiting to see if I 
wrote it up for the newsletter.  And you get immediate feedback from your 
    I don't want to republish information that many TRUE INFLATIONS 
subscribers have already seen on the net.  In the 40 issues of the newsletter 
and the books I've written, I've pretty well covered my theories of balloon 
twisting: BIG, FAST, EASY- Make the Kid the Star - The Theory of the Fully 
Inflated Balloon - and The More You Work, The More You Work.  I don't want to 
end up reprinting or rehashing the same material I've already published and 
presenting it as new.  I have to do something.
    So, here's my plan.  Instead of spending so much time writing the 
newsletter, I'll put more advice, information, opinion into the product 
updates which are mailed out free.  It should add value/entertainment to the 
promotional piece, 'product update'.
    I should also have more time to spend on the Internet side of the 
business.  You'll find the complete catalog on my web site but I would like to offer more direct communication 
through the site.  So you will find it easy to ask a question and I'll be 
able to quickly give you an answer or at least give you my answer.  
    While communication on the Internet is easy, the business end has a 
learning curve that never stops and I need to devote more time to climbing 
that mountain.  
    So, Thanks, Guys.  It's been a good run for TRUE INFLATIONS and I hope 
you have found it useful.  I think it has done it's job of sharing 
information and promoting twisting.  I have certainly enjoyed having a place 
to offer my opinion and it is not like I'm going to stop.  I'm just 

    Any payment made for future issues will show up as a credit on your 
information at T. Myers Magic, Inc.  If you would like a refund check instead 
of a credit on your next order, just tell us.  The amount of your credit is 
indicated on the top right corner of your address label.  

    The credits will not be set up until I work the list for the catalog 
mailing - about 3 weeks.

See Ya,

Tom (free catalog, just ask) Myers - email
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