Pioneer Balloon Company - Makers of Qualatex balloons
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 08:52:45 -0800
From: Heart Throb The Clown/Linda Berman <>
Subject: Balloon Magic

Hello everyone,

I responded to Pioneer's offer posted on the list for a free copy of
Balloon Magic The Magazine.

I received my copy yesterday and think the publication is great. It has
lots of gret ideas for us twisters with lots of great photographs and
step-by-step instructions.

This issue featured an article from Marvin Hardy on "lessons I've
learned," a great feature on Cha-Cha who entertains with balloons for a
living, some great sculptures, and a wonderful article on "entertaining
economics" featuring insights from Larry Moss, Tom Myers, Lorna Paris
and Royal and Patty Sorell.

Congratulations Pioneer on such a great publication for twisters, and
congratulations to all our friends for sharing their lessons learned in
the real world.

Looks like I'll have to subcribe so I won't miss out on other great

Heart Throb The Clown
Pasadena, CA