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Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 14:55:56 -0500 (EST)
From: Larry Moss <>
To: Balloon Twister List <>,
Subject: New stuff on BHQ

With the new year on us and finally a break from the craziness of "the
season", I'm trying to get back on track with BHQ and personal projects.  I
have a few announcements to make now.  If all goes well, there will be more
similar announcements in the not too distant future.

Most of what I'm announcing now is works in progress.  But demand has been
high for some of these things so it's better to give you what we have than
to hold back.

New photos in the BHQ photo area -
    As always, David has been doing a lot of work to get photos up.  He
mentioned to me that this month took quite a bit more time than usual since
quite a few people decided to get involved and contribute pictures.  Check
them out at  Clean up is under way in
this area too, so let us know if you can't find your favorite photo.  In
the reorganization, things always get misplaced.

New photo contest voting has begun -
    No more entries are being accepted for the balloon people contest since
voting has started.  Go to the above URL for the photo section to see the
current contest entries and to cast your vote for your favorites.
Remember, your votes do more than pick a winner of a cool prize (which
happens to be Balloon Pro drop bags for this contest).  Expressing your
opinion on contest entries is how everyone taking part can learn more from
your ideas.

How to be a balloon busker -
    Back when the weather in upstate NY was a bit more reasonable and when
my gigs weren't being cancelled due to several feet of snow and closed
roads, I started writing a guide to balloon busking.  The topic of street
performing comes up on the twister list regularly and rather than just
express my opinion in a few short notes on a mailing list, I tried to put
it all together in one place.  There are still some things that I've left
out, but I have had a chance now to make a few updates to the original
article and thought I may as well let people at it.  After all, now's the
time to start booking those summer gigs.  This may help some of you, at
least in putting your act together.

Magic Menu articles -
    Also for the balloon twisters in the crowd, I've put online some of the
older articles I wrote on balloon entertaining for the Magic Menu.  The
Magic Menu is a magazine for restaurant entertainers.  when teh busking
article I mentioned was first put together, I invited a small group of
people to read it and give me feedback.  Some of the things I was asked to
elaborate on can be found in these old articles.

Japan photos - 
    This was announced on the twister list, but more email keeps trickling
in from people that want to see these pictures.  These pictures are from a
job I did in Japan.  It is, to the best of my knowledge, the largest 260
sculpture ever made.  (If anyone has topped this, or has plans to in the
future, please let me know.)  Approximately 15,000 balloons were used in
this creation.

New stuff from other contributors -
    I'm hoping to make monthly announcements of this sort from now on.
What it will take is more contributors of articles and other things to make
these posts worth while.  If you have any articles you'd like to place on
BHQ, write to Sheena, Mark, or me.  

Educational happenings -
    A few additions have been made to the calendar of events, so if you're
looking for a seminar to attend in your area (or someplace else in the
world you'd like to be at), make sure to check it out.

Lastly, I was asked to pass on some more information from one of the BHQ
sponsors.  I'd like to be able to make new product announcements this way,
along with other monthly BHQ changes and happenings.  This should keep
everyone happy.  New announcements can be made here without offending those
that don't want to see commercial announcements in regular email postings.
Send press releases or other general info you'd like included in these
postings to

Balloon industry announcements:

If you haven't received your registration packet for IBAC 15, or if you're
wondering what it has in it for you, check out the following two press
	twisters -
	decorators -

Larry Moss
Balloon HQ