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From: "Arlene & Clyde Powers" <>
To: "Balloon HQ" <>
Subject: New WAY Cool Book
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 21:29:30 -0700

Well we have been promising to get it done for months and it is finally
finished and back
from the

WAY Cool Balloon Hats: The Prequel

It is 67 pages of WAY Cool hats including:
Angelfish Hat, Beauty-Fly Hat, Dragonfly Hat, Frog Hat, Majestic Swan Hat,
Mardi Gras Hat,
Snail Hat, StarJar Hat, Wally's Carousel Hat, Wally Vader Hat, and contains
clip art of
all the hats for your menu board.  And of course who could forget our art
work and corny jokes!!!
It should be at the dealers any day, they were mailed out on Wed by priority
And who are our dealers you ask?

T. Myers Magic  1-800-648-6221      Accepts major credit cards
Potsy & Blimpo  1-800 897-0749        "       "     "     "
Larry Moss     contact online         "       "     "      "

And locally here in the Phoenix Metro Area
Balloons etc.    894-0055             Accepts major credit cards
Balloons N Stuff 246-0362                "      "      "     "

If you can't find a book, e-mail me.

Happy Twisting!
Arlene (The 'A' in WAY Cool Balloons)