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Subject: Re: Restaurant work
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 20:31:55 -0600

I think this post is the sanest one regarding this subject.
I recently bought your book "Marvelous miniatures" and to be honest, I found
it to be too basic for me but I can still glean a few things from it. (I
love the hair on the dolls) Overall though, I would recommend your book to
an ambitious beginner. Nicely done, well written and clear diagrams.
It's hard to buy a book over the net.(or from a catalog for that matter) I
would like suggestions on what book would be the best for a  twister of
advanced skill.
My weakest points have to be hats and improv.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Uklear Joe
Denver CO The plutonium trigger capitol of the world

>When I approached the manager, I told him that I had two goals, to
>increase their business and to increase my business for clowning and
>twisting. The restaurant pays me for 2 hours of twisting. I approach
>every table and offer complimentary balloon creations.
>If they ask how much (and they do) I tell them that the restuarant has
>hired me to entertain all their dinner customers on Saturday nights. I
>make some one balloon creations but mostly fast two or three balloon
>designs (mostly 160s).
>Most people ask for my card. They like my entertainment and since the
>restaurant has hired me, they are more interested in also hiring me.
>Because I am on the restaurant's "payroll" while I am there, I do not
>quote any prices when asked how much (frequently) but tell them to call
>If people offer me a tip, I first say it is not necessary but do accept
>tips if they insist. I don't hang around the table waiting. Often people
>find me and hand me a tip and that is a nice signal for the new table to
>also tip.
>Some nights, I barely make it around the restaurant in two hours. Other
>nights I am able to visit some sections more than once.
>I bring 6-9 sample creations and display them in the lobby along with a
>sign that says "Balloons By Linda (or Heart Throb), (smaller type) For
>display only, please do not handle, (larger type)Balloons
>Sculpted Tableside for Dinner Customers 7 - 9 p.m.
>The display works in several ways. First it tells the regulars that I am
>working. Second it shows a bit of my variety and gives people a idea of
>what to request. Third, if I can't get to a table, the manager gives
>them one of the samples. At the end of the evening, I give the samples
>to the staff or take them home (I made them on my own time before I
>start working) and sell them at my Sunday morning gigs.
>I don't make my most time-consuming creations but will make something
>special for a birthday or other special event. People come back
>regularly for the food and the balloon entertainment.
>I am paid a very nice wage for the two hour personal marketing effort.
>And I get lots of attention and applause every Saturday. And most
>importantly, I get lots and lots of bookings from restaurant customers.
>The tips are just the frosting on the cake.
>Linda Berman/Heart Throb The Clown
>author of "Marvelous Miniatures" and "More Marvelous Miniatures" (avail
>soon) books using 160s for intermediate twisters