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From: LarryH49@aol.com
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 19:45:27 EDT
Subject: Review of Ride Inside book by Fred Harshberger
To: balloon@balloonhq.com

The Ride Inside Sculptures: Intermediate to Advanced Multi-Balloon Sculpture 
by Fred "Balloon Dude" Harshberger.  1999.

Anyone who saw Fred's award-winning Bull Rider at T-Jam '99 knows that Fred 
has mastered the topological anomalies of toroidal balloons.  Fred has always 
made innovative balloon sculptures.  This book continues that tradition.  
Fred has a novel idea for sculptures that you can ride inside.  This is a 
unique variation of the balloon costumes that many twisters construct as part 
of their act.  An example of a Ride inside that Fred constructed for his son 
at the 1997 Western Region Clown Association meeting in Laughlin, NV can be 
viewed at: 
This book does not provide step by step instructions on how to construct any 
of the Ride Insides. This book is for the intermediate to advanced balloon 
sculptor.  It does provide ideas, techniques and illustrations for 
constructing variations of the basic ride inside.  These include a horse, 
giraffe, cartoon dragon, duck, alien owl, sea serpent and elephant using 350Q 
balloons, twisted 350s and braided 260s.  Fred also talks about using 524 
airship balloons for better proportion and adds details with additional 260 
and 160 balloons.
The purpose of the book is to provide the basis for a design concept that the 
reader can develop into designs of his own.  There are many animals and 
variations that can be adapted to the ride inside.  These sculptures can 
provide something special for a birthday kid or ride insides that will make a 
memorable party for all the participants.
The book is available from T. Myers Magic and from several other suppliers.  
The newer copies of the book have color illustrations which would depict the 
sculptures better.   Contact Fred Harshberger for more information about its 
availability.  Fred's web page is at http://www.balloondude.com

Larry Hirsch
So. San Francisco CA