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Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 11:13:27 -0500
From: (John M. Holmes)
Subject: TWO new videos.

Hello everyone,

I have just recently gotten three new videos back from the duplicator. One
was mentioned and the contents listed several weeks(months?) ago, by me, on
this list. Therefore, to adhere to the rules, I cannot list the table of
contents or plug it again. Rules are rules and rules are not made to be
broken, contrary to what others may say. Rules are made to separate the
responsible from the irresponsible. I am trying very hard to remain
responsible. E-mail me privately, if you think you might have interest in a
new ministry tape. I am stretching the bounds, possibly to the breaking
point, to say as much as have. Enough said!

The other two are listed below. As you read these listing, you'll notice
that the names change from SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED! to SOME EXPERIENCE
NECESSARY!. My first six tapes form a series; the "SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED!"
series. The next six tapes will be in the, you guessed it, "SOME EXPERIENCE
NECESSARY!" series. After that, we'll most likely, get into something like
the "SOME NEED NOT APPLY!" series. Anyone got any cute ideas? Send them in.
If I like it and use it, it could get you a free tape.

Speaking of free tapes. The People's Choice Awards has been shot and
edited. These three tapes, listed herein, were shot during the course of
the contest and are being released first. As soon as I have the funds in
hand to get the PCA video duplicated, it will be the next one out. I will
be sending out the complimentary copies to all those who won, as soon as I
have them in my hands.

These and all other Balloon Man videos sell for $30.00 each and require
$3.00(10%) for shipping & handling costs. Bulk buys and dealer's inquiries
are always welcome!

"Folk Art"(People Figures Using 1 To 9 Balloons And Taking 1 To 10 Minutes.)

0:00:00 - One-eyed Swabby(6)
0:16:35 - Meremaiden/PC?(4)
0:25:43 - Rose & Hat Add-on
0:28:29 - Lamp Inhabitant's Wishful Thinking(9)
0:41:38 - Our Friend, Betty House's FAVE!!!(3)
0:49:09 - I'll Fly Away!/Thanks, Larry Moss!
0:50:02 - Ballerina(4)
0:56:15 - Quick tip tid-bits
        1.Brash Brat/Ralph Dewey's Human Bean(1-321)
        2.Oh, a wise guy!/Roger Siegel's Mr. Bawloon(1-321)
1:01:21 - St. Nick's Self Portrait(3)
1:08:30 - #W*W&J%D!'s Lady Friend/Add-on
1:09:56 - Tip-O-Th'-Tape!
        Toy Toad From Dan Wolfe(The Amazing Earl!). I like this one!
1:16:27 - Who's Who?
1:20:00 - The End.

SOME EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Volume #1 "Hat's All Folks! Pt.2!"(Advanced Hats
That Take 3 to 9 minutes) ALOT of sea creatures!

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:01:10 - King of The Sea-dolphin(3)
0:08:57 - Shark! Shark!(4)
0:14:35 - Need A Whale? here's a KILLER!(4)
0:20:30 - Flight Deck. Land that aircraft!(4)
0:24:44 - Wet & Wacky Fountain Hat(10)
0:33:04 - "Hey, Ray!" The Finster!(5)
0:41:11 - Jester Hat W/6" Hearts(10)
0:49:30 - Tropical Fish(5)
0:55:18 - Credits.
0:56:29 - The End!

As always, e-mail me privately to ask any questions you may have. As usual,
I am willing to answer all inquiries.

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John, The Balloon Man

John, the beloved one.
(Daddy loves me best!)

"Get A Grip!" Ministries.