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From: "Curtis Robins" <>
To: "balloon" <>
Subject: NEW VIDEO
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 21:56:58 -0500

Announcing the new video from UNCLE CURT & HUGS.

SERENDIPITY BOPPITY BOO : a video for intermediate to advanced twisters

This video was professionally shot and edited, and is approximately one hour
in length.


DEELEY BOBBERS: Those wacky things that attach to your head, or your ball
cap.  Two styles shown.
PENGUIN:  The small penguin is shown and explained, and the large size is
shown to illustrate what is possible with this design.
TWO SNOWMEN:  The first is a single balloon creation, complete with top hat,
the second is an elaboration of the first.
160 ELEPHANT.  David Tan asked for some 160 creations, and this one is nice.
KANGAROO :  Cute 260 animal with pouch.
RUBBER DUCK:  Some one asked me what could be done with a round balloon.
CLAM WITH PEARL: Two versions, the first uses only one balloon.
CATERPILLAR:  Made with a 160 balloon, complete with antenna.
RAINBOW:  Made with 160 balloons.  My version of Captain Visuals' rainbow.
HOT AIR BALLOON:  Made with 160 balloons and a round balloon.  HUGS won a
trophy with the parent model to this one.  We have improved it.
STORK:  Over five feet tall, this one brought something special for HUGS and
BAT WINGS:  Give that little devil something to fly around with.  Worn like
a back pack.

Soon to be available at better dealers everywhere.  Until then, interested
parties can E-mail me for a price and address.

As a special offer to the readers of this list, I will pay postage and
handling for the
continental US.  All other Countries will receive a $4.00 credit on the
shipping cost.
Be sure to mention that you heard about this on BHQ.

See you at CIRCUS MAGIC 99
Uncle Curt