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Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 22:16:46 EDT
Subject: Review ** Way Cool Hats: The Prequel

Way Cool Hats: the Prequel 
By Harry Walmsley, Arlene Powers and Yvonne Brogdon
Letter sized with a plastic comb binding 67 pages

In a blatant attempt to profit from the new Star Wars movie, Wally, Arleenie 
and Yummy have written Way Cool Balloon Hats:  The Prequel.  

This book begins with an introduction about basic twists and types of eyes 
(both construction and drawing) and basic hats.

The Hat designs included are: AngelFish, Beauty-Fly, Dragonfly, Frog, 
Majestic Swan, Mardi Gras, Snail, Star Jar, Carrousel, and Wally Vader Hat.  
I recall Arlene making the frog hat at T-Jam.  

This book is well organized with computer-generated diagrams showing the 
construction of the hats.  There are even detail diagrams to show the more 
difficult balloon arrangements that would be impossible to discern in the 
general pictures. The instructions occasionally include some in bold face for 
emphasis such as 'Be consistent with the bubble sizes.'

The balloon requirements are listed at the beginning of each section so you 
know what balloons are required before you begin.  The book uses 260, 160, 5" 
round, and 6" hearts. The last page is a clip art page for those who want to 
include the illustration on a menu card.  These also can serve as reminders 
on how to construct the hats.  

These are elaborate hats that go beyond basic hats that are made with two or 
three balloons.  For those of you who do not make hats, this is a book that 
can show you the possibilities. While all of the hats are very good, I 
particularly liked the Majestic Swan Hat and the Mardi Gras Hat.  The 
Carrousel Hat gave me some ideas on modifying it. There are options presented 
for making a simpler hat or adding the frills.  These hats are impressive and 
will showcase your skill in hat construction.

As usual, there are some riddles and jokes throughout the book - I found out 
that frogs can play baseball because they know how to catch flies.  This book 
has many nice sculptures, good diagrams and a total of 67 pages.  Well worth 
the money!

Larry Hirsch
South San Francisco CA 
"Darth Wally makes Darth Vader seem like a cub scout!"