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Who's Who in the Balloon Industry

A registry of artists and businesses that have had a significant, positive influence on the balloon industry. BHQ members can Suggest an Artist or Business to be included in this catalog.

BHQ has enlisted volunteer editors to review suggestions, set priorities, interview candidates, and conduct background research. Priority will be given to those entries that are input by multiple members. This is a very new section of Balloon HQ. It will take some time for our editors to address the roster of the important people. This directory is being created to provide a historical record of key people that have advanced the art form.

The current (rather short) list

Don F. Cheeseman (7 August 1945 - 14 August 2004)
Ralph Dewey (8 August 1944 - )
David Grist (21 October 1957 - 15 January 2005)
Tom Myers (1 April 1948 - )

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